Trip Out

Kamakura Daibutsu

Kamakura Daibutsu

If you have the time, it’s worth peacing out to quieter towns not far from Tokyo. Here are some easily accessible and beautiful places to go. 

Snow & Sand

  • If you want to snowboard or ski, there are several resorts ~3 hour train ride north of Tokyo. Nozawa Onsen and Hakuba are two beautiful options. Visit here for snow conditions.
  • If you’re craving beach time, Chiba is filled with neat little beach towns, like Onjuku and Hayama. Further south is a beautiful white sand beach is Shimoda


  • If you leave Tokyo, you absolutely book at least one night at a ryokan. You can easily find them on Rakuten or Japan Guide. It’s advised to do this well in advance since these are usually run by families and they book up fast

Onsen & Sento

  • Onsen, natural hot springs, are one of the most special things about visiting Japan. Don’t be a baby, just strip down with strangers and relax.* Nothing compares to soaking in an outdoor onsen on a cold night. Here are tips on where/how to go.

  • If you stay at a ryokan, confirm if they have a couple’s onsen. If they do, you can book a private session for an extra cost. And if you’re really paid, you can get a room connected to a private onsen.

  • If you're pretty tatted, you will not be admitted to an onsen. (It's bunk, I know.) You will, however, be allowed to visit a sento, a public bathhouse. These are a great option if you don't get a chance to leave Tokyo. 

Fam Bam in Shimoda

Fam Bam in Shimoda