Young J Hypebeasts

Young J Hypebeasts

There’s no way to avoid shopping. Whether you are passing through a train station or on a serious mission, all of the things will be bought--or at the very least, ogled over. Check out some of my saves on FourSquare. 

Nakameguro & Daikanyama

  • 1LDK - Concept store with clothing and homeware items.
  • 💯 Daikanyama T-Site - Neat concept store with a bookstore and multiple cafes you can hide out at for a bit.
  • Okura - Beautiful little shop with shibori (indigo) dyed clothes. Mostly men’s clothes.
  • Hollywood Ranch Market - Overpacked hodgepodge of vintage and new clothing and accessories.
  • UES - High quality denim shop. Yum.
  • Cosme Kitchen - Natural makeup store with a juice shop built in. Cosme has a ton of other locations in Tokyo, including in Shibuya Hikarie.


  • 💯 Cat Street - Cool little street off the main drag that has a bunch of awesome stores. Opening Ceremony and Champion JP are here, and they usually carry JP exclusive items. 
  • LaForet - Larger department store comprised of shops within a larger department store. A bit of a mind f*ck, but it’s an interesting place.
  • Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku - Across the street from LaForet. Has cute little shops. Be sure to head to Tokyu Hands in there--you can be creepy like me and use their massage tools if you’re tired of walking around for a million hours.
  • 💯 Kinji - Enormous, well-organized thrift store. Swoon.
  • Kickslab - Sneakerhead playground. Nuff said.
  • Marui City - Department store with both men's and women's clothing.
  • Oriental Bazaar - Convenient souvenir shop with traditional Japanese items.


  • 💯 Loft - If you want to spend your whole day admiring stationary, beauty products, and other well crafted small things, then go here.
  • Niko &... - Well-curated mix of clothes and houseware. Also a nice cafe in the front.
  • Atmos - Sneaker shop for your inner hypebeast.
  • Franc Franc - Home decor place for your inner basic b*tch
  • Shibuya 109 - Juuuust an utter spectacle. Imagine Forever 21 x speed. It's worth going into and perusing the floors, but not if you're tired. 
  • Don Quijote - Insanity. Definitely pop in. You’ll undoubtedly end up buying more shit than you intended. Very good stop for souvenirs.
  • Parco - Similar to Marui and Lumine, but slightly higher price point. **closed for renovations starting August 2016**
LaForet Shop Princess

LaForet Shop Princess


  • Lumine - Department store comprised of many shops and restaurants. Connected to the station...and there are two wings, so you might get lost.
  • Yodobashi Camera - Crazy/deafening electronic store near the west exit of the station.
  • Bic Camera - Another giant electronic store with two locations in Shinjuku.


  • 💯 Chicago - Super organized and well-priced vintage clothes (better than the Harajuku Chicago)
  • Shimokita Garage - Garage space designed to house tiny thrift shops