Grub & Booze



Food. And. Alcohol. Are. Everywhere. With more restaurants per capita than any other city in the world and bars at ever turn, it's real easy to get fat and happy. Check out some of my recommendations on FourSquare, as well as highlights below.



  • [CAFE] Cafe Kitsune - Cute Maison Kitsune cafe with expensive coffee. 

  • [BAR] 💯 OATH - Very cool little bar usually with a DJ. 

  • [BAR] Aoyama Tunnel - Next door to OATH; similar vibe, but usually more for late night kickin' it.
  • [BAR] Two Rooms - Bougie + pricy cocktails with a bit of expat douchery, but really great view of Tokyo. Solid for 1-2 grown up drinks. 


  • 💯 Nakame no Teppen - Everything I love about Japanese dining. Amazing sashimi. Incredible (casual) space and character. Smoky AF. 

  • Kushiwakamaru - No frills grill.

  • 💯 Afuri Ramen - Unique flavors and bomb. Try the yuzu ramen. There’s also a location in Ebisu.
  • 💯 Spajiro - Mega dank Japanese spaghetti. Budget-friendly and bomb.
  • [CAFE] Aux Bacchanales - Scrumptious bakery chain.
  • [BAR] Hato’s Bar - Small, chill bar with good food.
  • [BAR] Tractor - Even smaller, chiller bar with nice liquor.
  • [BAR] 💯 Berry - My go-to spot later at night or after having some drinks at the first two places. Try their owner’s yuzu soda along with some tequila. Looks like a warehouse speakeasy and has a ping pong table. Some nights has too many gaijins, though.



  •  Ebisu Yokocho - Alley full of izakayas you should hop between. You must experience the neon lights, smoke, and inebriation in all its glory. 

Yoyogi- Hachiman

  • [BAR] Fuglen - Cozy bar with yummy cocktails.


  • Halekai's - Fusion style Hawaiian and Japanese food. SO yum.


  • [CAFE] 💯 HARBS - The best piece of cake you’ll ever eat in your life. There’s also a location in Shibuya Hikarie.

  • Butagumi - Bombest tonkatsu (pork cutlet) evvvvverrrr.


  • Pub Cardinal - Old timey English style pub in the SONY building. Clutch for a quick drink if you’re in the area.


  • 💯 Yoshinozushi - The best real sushi shop in Tokyo. This place is owned by my brother’s friend and has been open for over 7 generations. If you go there, please tell them “Kaname Yukon no imoto” ("Yukon’s little sister") sent you.

Shinokubo (Koreatown)

  • Ondoru 2 (there are two locations) - Kinda out of the way, but there’s delectable Korean BBQ.

Convenience Stores (“Konbini”)

  •  Lawson’s, 7/11, Family Mart, Mini Stop - In all seriousness, they have tasty food AND alcohol. If you’re in a hurry or ballin' on a budget, get a bento box or rice balls…or chu-hai and beers for the road.

Other dope areas that are under the radar, but worth exploring:

  • Shimokitazawa

  • Koenji

  • Nakano
  • Yoyogi-Hachiman
  • Yoyogi-Uehara
  • Tomigaya
  • Gaienmae
  • Sangenjaya
Yurakucho Yokocho

Yurakucho Yokocho


  • Sound Museum Vision (Usually have some big names come through. E.g., Thom Yorke was there last time I went.)
  • Muse
  • Womb
  • Unit
  • Trump Room
  • Solfa
  • Velours
  • Le Baron


  • Don't freak out if you see more unconscious drunk people laying around than you've ever seen before.

  • Your life will smell like cigarettes forever after going out.

  • Cover charges are typical.